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Our Featured Teacher for October:
Our Featured Teacher for  October is Emerald Shirley. Come enjoy Emerald’s skillful, safe, playful, alignment-based  classes in October for only $7/class: Starting October 3rd we’re delighted that Emerald will be teaching a Saturday morning Vinyasa class from 9:30 – 10:45am.   Emerald also teaches our donation-based Community Flow class on alternate Fridays from 4 – 5:15pm. Because our motto at BCH is "Find Your Flow," every month we ask our featured teachers to tell us their thoughts on "Flow." Here's Emerald on Flow: "Flow is feeling motion and stillness simultaneously, not in competition with each other but complementary to each other. It is when your body is full of energy and you could do cartwheels forever, and you are centered and clear-minded enough to truly listen to yourself and to those around you. When I am in my flow, I experience the joys of life more joyfully, and the sorrows of life with more compassion and ease. It becomes easier to see all the glitter in life. It is simplest for me to find my flow when I am taking good care of myself, and I’m grateful to say that often means a lot of yoga -what a gift that something so fun is also so healthy! I look forward to finding flow with you in class, and making our lives a little more radiant!!" Grace and Peace, Emerald

Results of Our Summer 2015 Survey

Featured Teacher for September: Tara Mala White
Our Featured Teacher for September is:  Tara Mala White Come enjoy the welcoming ambience, gentle precision, and playful artistry of Tara’s classes in September for only $7/class:  Wednesday Vin/Yin class from 11:30am – 12:45pm & Friday Yin class from 12:30-1:45pm Our motto at BCH is "Find Your Flow." Each month we ask our Featured Teachers to tell us what Flow means to them. Tara on ‘Flow’: Finding one’s Flow is a way of being totally absorbed in the present moment!  It is a fluid, effortless practice in being so engrossed that nothing else seems to matter…..  Both practicing & teaching yoga bring me closer to this "flow state".  In daily life, it's so easy to get distracted.  When we enter BCH we are given the opportunity to unite our breath, our bodies, and our minds into a seamless state of flow with the Universe.  When we enter this state, it is a harmonious Union of energies that create a soothing symphony for the body & mind.  It is a "state" I try to visit & create in class as often as possible.  Join me in class for a flowing good time :-) Namaskar, Tara Mala White

Presence & Healing Workshop
Join us Saturday, September 19th from 1-4 pm for a workshop exploring ways to cultivate our own healing and to support the healing of those around us.

We now carry Mountain Girl Herbal Skincare products!
We are proud to announce that we now carry locally-produced, organic herbal skin products from Mountain Girl Herbals. We're excited to recommend these nourishing salves and lotions because they're manufactured right here in central Oregon by our own Wendy Griffin, instructor here at Bend Community Healing.  You can learn more about Wendy's products at http://www.mountaingirlherbals.com.   

We're happy to announce a Community Bodywork sessions clinic that will run Wednesday afternoons from 1:30 - 4:30. The intention of the clinic is to make bodywork accessible to our community on a sliding scale of $30-$60 for sessions of 35 minutes. Click on the headline above to learn more....

Welcome to Bend Community Healing!

A place for transformation, healing and inner stillness. Offering Community Acupuncture, Qigong, Meditation and different styles of Yoga---geared toward gentleness, quieting your nervous system, and recharging your batteries.


August Featured Teacher: Sarah Edwards: During August come enjoy Sarah's wonderful Sunday morning Yin Yoga class for just $7/class.

Please note: our new summer class schedule started July 1st. You can find it on the right-hand column of this page.... 

The following classes have been suspended until fall:
- Tuesday 8:15 pm Yin/Nidra
- Thursday 7:00 pm Qigong
- Saturday 4:30 pm Weekend Unwind and Sunday 6:30 pm 

Please also note that our Tuesday evening Qigong class now starts at 7 pm.



- 5 classes for $35 for new students

- A 50% discount off our drop-in price for students/school teachers/COCC & OSU faculty and staff with I.D.: 10 classes for $60

- One Month of Unlimited Classes: $65



- Drop-ins: $12

- 5-class pack for $45

- 10-class pack for $80.


We're especially pleased to offer a free community "Healing Flow" class each Friday afternoon from 4 - 5:15. The class is on a donation basis---all donations will go to a local charity each month.  

Like us on FB by clicking  this link  to hear about more special offers and upcoming events

Thanks for all your encouragement and support for our efforts to grow BCH into an even more valuable community resource.

Gina & Mark Montgomery



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Acu-Aroma Yoga with Loren Mahaffey
Sep 22nd,2015 ~ Oct 6th,2015

Join us September 22nd and 29th and October 6th from 4 - 5:30 for this exploration in the integration of Yoga, Chinese acupressure points and the profound effects of therapeutic grade essential oils with master teacher, bodyworker and yoga instructor, Loren Mahaffey.

In each session you will learn the location of different acupressure points, experience the effects of therapeutic grade essential oils and learn how beautifully they integrate and focus the intention of a yoga practice.

Class #1 of the series will focus on grounding, detoxifying and releasing

Class #2 will focus on poses, points and essential oils to rest, restore and renew.

 Class #3 will add poses, points and essential oils to support Abundance, Energy and Vision.

Cost of the workshop is $35 per session; $85 for all three sessions;
To register, click

The Natural Creation Cycle: Intending & Unfolding
Oct 12th,2015

A Free Lecture by Michael Hoffman

 You create your life. But are you creating what is truly important to you? this lecture and class clearly illustrates a natural and conscious way to create the life you want for yourself. It will feature an opening exercise, a lecture, and a sharing circle for you to experience your truth and understanding for yourself. So, come and remember how to create the same way that nature does.
Michael Hoffman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, author, and trained spiritual teacher with 25 years' experience in teaching, coaching and counseling. He lives in Bend with his family and loves teaching classes and workshops for people to directly experience their natural way of being.
You can register for this free workshop by clicking here.

Presence & Healing
Oct 24th,2015

Chinese medicine emphasizes the connections between the health of our Bodies, Minds and Spirits. 

This is one of a series of workshops led by Mark Montgomery, L. Ac., presenting theory on how these connections work as well as tools to more deeply engage our healing and that of our families, friends, and communities.

For those who have taken one of these workshops and who want to practice these tools, there is a practice group every 2nd Thursday evening from 7-8:30.

In both the workshops and the practice groups there will be plenty of opportunities for discussion, practice, sharing and laughter.

The workshop is for anyone who longs to experience greater aliveness and health on any level. No previous experience in acupuncture, meditation or energy healing is required. 

Cost of the workshops is on a sliding scale of $30-$60. Practice groups are free, with donations gratefully accepted.

For questions or to register, call us at 541-322-9642 or click here.

  2015 Bend Community Healing
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